MX5 Used Engines

We have a range of Mazda MX5 engines available, whether it’s an engine replacement for your “Road Car”, a spare for your “Race Car” or even your new “Kit Car Engine”. From the 1.6 Engine in the Mk1 and Mk2/2.5 to the 1.8L engine in the Mk1 and Mk2/2.5 we sometimes have stock of the  2.0L engine in the Mk3.

Mazda Mx5 Engine
Our stock of used mx5 engines have all been tested and are guaranteed runners. We try and source our engines from as low mileage cars as possible, we can provide you with an approximate mileage. Evidence will be shown if available.

Contact Paul if you require an engine for your MX5 we should have what you are after in stock, we can cater for any budget with prices on engine varying with mileage and condition. Paul is always on hand if you need advice on what engine your car has, just call here when you are near your car and he will help identify the model and engine.
Mazda MX5 Engine replacement

If you are considering a Mazda MX5 engine swap or rebuild!

With a range of engines in stock we are sure to have the exact match for your requirements. Just call us for our latest stock or for more advice.

  • Ensure you have an idea of the mileage of any engine you buy. If possible and still in the car ask to see/hear the engine running.
  • Always check what ancillaries are included with the engine, we try and leave as much on as practical e.g ********,*********,*******. Some cheaper engines elsewhere on the net may be stripped of everything except the block, head and covers.
  • Find out if the engine comes with any guarantee, a monthly term or a mileage limit. Is there any service history with the engine, Cam belt etc.
  • What carriage charge is on the engine if delivered? or where is it located and can I collect?
  • A copy of the workshop manual will be required to make the whole process of swapping the engine a lot easier.