MX5 Hardtop Roof

MX5 Hardtop for sale?

Looking for a used hardtop roof for your car over winter, we have a changing stock of Mk1, MK2 and Mk2.5 hardtops. Our stock does vary, with different colours, ages and conditions. If it’s a particular colour you wanted to match your car contact us we may have it. If not we can always get a quote for having the roof resprayed or keep our eyes peeled for that colour.

Due to the nature of the MX5 hardtop we cannot post these to you, however just drive your car to us and the hardtop will fit straight on providing you have the Frankenstein Bolts at the back and hardtop catches just near the seatbelts.

We try and make our Mazda mx5 hardtops affordable to most budgets, we inspect every hardtop for condition and also test the heated rear screens.

Contact Paul for our latest stock of MX5 hardtop roofs for sale.